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Technology Center

There are three main RD center room and a testing room in Qingdao Fangzheng Machinery Group ; More than twenty professionals engage in product development, structural design,testing, manufacturing process , quality control and so on. Advanced software are used to complete product structural design.Advanced software are used to complete calculation analysis. The testing methods include physical laboratory, chemical laboratory, multi-channel hydraulic servo test bench.

In short, the company has a team with skilled, well-equipped and high standards to ensure the quality and level of products .

In order to transform science and technology into productive forces, our group insist on independent research and development, Set up a professional R & D team, establish a special research and development funds . Our group has become a well deserved industry leader.because Various types of high-end professional and technical personnel to join and obtain a number of patent certificates. In the purpose of the independent innovation research and development . We have R & D investment accounted for 3% of total sales every year,meanwhile, our group to improve R & D, design, production of every detail to ensure that the accuracy of the program development, reliability and perfection. The company integrate research, technical services, marketing and production integration, enhance the ability of enterprise development and innovation, improve the company's comprehensive competitiveness at home and abroad.

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